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Lone Elm Texas Wheat Whiskey IS handcrafted on site in our Forney, Texas plant. Historically the area was settled in 1847 and named Union Hill; later the area became known as as Lone Elm. At Five Points Distilling our Lone Elm Brand pays homage to the pioneering spirit of those early settlers.

Our privately-owned craft distillery is located on 10 acres at 8575 Union Hill Road. This delightfully scenic area surrounded by small farms, small lakes, and ranches is convenient to the Dallas metro area. Founded by five partners, our facility was designed and built from the ground up for production of wheat spirits. With our American-made, 500-gallon copper pot still and 26-foot-tall stainless steel vodka column, our processes are specifically designed to coax out and enhance the unique tasting notes and qualities that only a wheat-based spirit and skilled distiller can deliver.


As a small-batch craft distiller, we monitor and check every batch we produce from grain to glass. It’s that attention to every detail that won Lone Elm Wheat Whiskey a 95 point rating and the┬áChairman’s Trophy Winner at the 2015 Ultimate Spirits Challenge. As a 2-year straight whiskey, we were proud to be listed along the American Whiskey category along with the likes of Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 20 Year Old; Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Straight 6 Year Old; and George Dickel No. 12. Where Lone Elm is concerned, time is on our side!

We look forward to inviting you to #jointheloneelmstate new tasting room at our plant location in early January 2017 (if not before). Please check with us or visit our Lone Elm Spirits Facebook page for updates on events, tasting room and tours, barrel clubs, and where to purchase our award-winning products. Also, keep Lone Elm in mind and on hand to enhance your holiday gatherings or any worthy occasion!